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White Board Hyderabad, manufacturing range of writing boards and Display boards which are widely used by institutions and individuals also featured in Educational Institutes, Government sectors for daily teaching, training & instructions purposes. Our writing boards are known for Writing comfort, Visibility ,Erase ability, Dust free, Durability ,Safety of teachers, students etc.,
We can also customise the size as per your requirement, but rates will be calculated on the basis of nearest standard size to avoid wastage of raw materials. Samples are available on request.

Standard Sizes

•           600x900mm(2*3ft)
•           1200x600mm(4*2ft)
•           1200x900mm(4*3ft)
•           1500x1200mm(5*4ft)
•           1800x1200mm(6*4ft)
•           2400x1200mm(8*4ft)
•           3000*1200mm(10*4ft)
•           3600*1200mm(12*4ft)

1. Facilitates the structuring of lessons for the teacher

2. The learning process is more fun

3. Increases engagement between teachers and students

4. Revision or more practical revision of lessons

5. Allow students with disabilities to learn better
6. Convenience and flexibility in learning

7. reduces training costs

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