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Now Present Top 10 Technologies Course To Learn In Hyderabad | Trending Technologies 2018

1. RPA

  • RPA  means Robotic Process Automation. Generally any test job in any industry involves tasks, that are repetitive in nature and can be automated. This technology allows you to automate such routine and repetitive tasks,and RPA can boost the overall productivity of companies, by saving their time and money and it has lot of cool features guys.


* No Coding Skills is is simple drag and drop tool and you can automate any repetitive task without changing the underline technologies. This technology can be implemented using various tools.
Top Most Tools are:

  •                      BLUEPRISM
  •                      UIPATH
  •                      AUTOMATION

2. IOT

IOT Means Internet of Things. As the name suggests IOT i about connecting different objects in your environment via intelligent sensors enabling them to send and receive data. this includes everything grom your mobial phones, Refrigerators, Washing machine and almost everything that you can think of. With IOT we can have smart cities with optimised traffic system,efficient waste management and energy use.

IOT is basically a giant network of connect devices all of which gather and share data about how they are used, and the Environment in which they are operating and by doing so,each of your device will be learning from the experience of other devices, as humans do. IOT interdependence in human, that is, interact, contribute and collaborate to things, this is all about IOT.


DEVOPS is not a technology. It is a methodology, that ensures, that both the development and operations go hand-in-hand. DEVOPES life cycle is pictured as infinite loop representing integration of developers and operations team by automating infrastructure, work flows, and continuously measuring application performance.It is basically the process of continual improvement. You can even see the companies that are using DEVOPS right now. We have face-book, Amazon, Net-fix and the most od the companies out there in the market are using DEVOPS.

Why we Use DEVOPS:

It provides you shorter,software development life-cycles.
the quality of software that is produced is way better than the previous waterfall model.
it give improved work environment.

Popular DEVOPS tools are :

  •                            JENKINS
  •                            ELK
  •                            CHEF
  •                            PUPPET
  •                            GIT
  •                            DOCKER....ect.

4. Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is most trending technology.This is because it allows companies to save a lot of money and simplifies the life of users.Day by Day most of the companies are shifting their infrastructure in the Cloud.Because it is fast and scalable, it can be Accessed from anywhere there is no upfront cost, and it provides better security.Now there are lot of cloud providers out there in the market.

Examples :

  •           Amazon Web Services
  •           Microsoft Azure
  •           Google
  •           Sales-force
  •           IBM.....ect.

5. Big-Data

Big-Data has affected the IT landscape beyond imagination.Big-Data refers to problems, that are associated with processing and storing different types like Customer,Product Research,Marketing Initiatives and many more.this technology used to many sectors, Marketing,Finance,IT,Health Care....ect.

The Virtual Reality is when you use Artificial Environment, that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user suspense belief and accepts it as a real environment.

Augmented Reality: It is combines Cirtual Reality with the real world in the form of a live video imagery.Both of the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have numerous real-life applications.


* Medical Students use AR Technology to practice surgery in a controlled environment. It is extensively used in mobile gaming and Apps,which work on real life video feed.

It is one of the technology that tins BITCOIN. The BITCOIN is world's first digital Cryptocurrency and that is the future of the economy. So, even if BLOCK-CHAIN doesn't exist after a couple of years, you will have some Cryptocurrency that is based on BLOCK-CHAIN.

8.Artificial Intelligence

This technology is not new, It was first coined in the year 1952 by JOHN McCarthy, But, due to lack of data and computing power, it wasn't feasible at that time. But now with the enormous amount of data and huge computing power, AI is possible and specially with the advent of technologies like DEEP LEARNING and MACHINE LEARNING.It is intelligence is basically creating intelligent software, making a machine that is smart, a machine that has the to power to think, analyse and make decisions based on the huge amount of Data that we have.Hence, the phrase goes "Data is the new oil of 21st century".

It is popularly known as I-Apps.I-Apps are pieces of software written for mobial devices based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, for making the everyday task easier. This involves tasks like Organising, prioritising Emails, Scheduling Meetings, Logging interactions and content...ect. Some examples would be Chat Bots and Virtual Assistance that you can see in the slides as well.

Top 10 Technologies Course To Learn In 2018

Top 10 Technologies Course To Learn In 2018


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