HOW TO READ OR SEE WhatsApp Messages DELETED by Sender

 READ OR SEE WhatsApp Messages DELETED by Sender 

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In WhatsApp you can see two phones from one phone I am going to send a message hello you can see it is received in phone me so here I can delete from Data message from phonepe when I try to delete it and see three options delete for me cancel delete for everyone that won't delete for everyone you can see you deleted this message same time we can see the second 44 be you can see the message this message was deleted so I am going to do. The I am going to minimise then I am going to send another message from phone ok so here we can see the notification in phone me so I don't know I'm not going to open that notification in phone b just keep it like this the notification from phonepe I am going to delete that message wait for everyone even I delete you can see it also deleted from the notification ok so there is a way to find deleted message first we need to install uninstall an application to go to Play Store so inform we are going to install on application this application notification history log this is application which we need to install I already installed this one send me open the application CTET application here we can see an option Android history click on that then click on enable permission then select this option notification history log then click ok ok done after that with me minimise it then from phone and going to send another message Si notification came here in phone we notification you can say hello then from phonepe and going to delete it delete Just what are you going to do if I am going to open that application notification then click with fortification history anything we need to go to advanced history redmi 2 one more time one more message I want to send features features there then I going to delete it from here info we can see deleted but if go to that application you can see that message see so this way we can recover deleted message in WhatsApp please subscribe my channel if you like this video.

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