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Eid Mubarak Whatsapp Messages

Eid Mubarak,  Eid means "celebration" and Mubarak means "blessed".People usually celebrate Eid al fitr after Ramzaan Eid-al-adha in month of dhul haj. Some state this exchange of greetings is a cultural tradition and not part of any religious obligation. However, it is only used during the celebration of the two Muslim holidays.

Throughout the Muslim world there are numerous other greetings for Eid-Al-Fitr and Eid-al-adha.The companions of the Prophet Muhammad used to say to each other when they met on Eid ul-fitr that is Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkun which means may God accept from us and you.

Throughout the Muslim world, variations in Eid greetings exist.

Speakers of Arabic might also add "kul 'am wantum bikhair"  which means "May you be well with every passing year." Eid Mubarak

May Your Plate Of Life Be continually filled with Sweet Siwaiyan flat-topped With The whacky Of Happiness. With Best Eid desires, could you have got a contented Eid


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