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Officer Telugu Movie Review - RGV Officer

  • Release date : June 01, 2018
  • Starring : Nagarjuna, Myra Sareen
  • Director : Ram Gopal Varma
  • Producers : Ram Gopal Varma, Sudheer Chandra Padiri
  • Music Director : Ravi Shankar
  • Cinematographer : Rahul Penumatsa
  • Movie Review, Movie Reviews
Sivaji Rao(Nagarjuna) is a Hyderabad based officer who is presented in Mumbai on handle the instance of an undermined cop called Pansari. Sivaji effectively figures out how to capture Pansari however the last uses all his impact and leaves the correctional facility and joins back in his obligation. This time, he turns out to be much more deadly and begins focusing on Sivaji. Rest of the story is in the matter of how Sivaji handles every one of his issues and indeed demonstrates that Pansari is really a criminal in the camouflage of a cop. 

Plus Point
Nagarjuna looks super fit and attractive in his part of a cop. After a long hole, you get the chance to see him in a forceful part and the star on-screen character does well and stays the film totally. Every one of his scenes with his little girl are pleasantly executed. The film begins off with a promising note as the initial ten minutes are holding. 
The primary half has some great minutes including the Mumbai police setup as RGV has figured out how to get a nice search for the film. Certain examination scenes look fascinating and have been considered well in the main half

Negative Point
One of the greatest disadvantages of the film is the fundamental reprobate. RGV ought to have picked a superior or a known performing artist to make things fascinating. Not even in one scene does the reprobate make any effect on the group of onlookers and is not the slightest bit fit to confront Bother in numerous scenes. 
In the wake of beginning the film on a grasping note, RGV's portrayal goes for a hurl amid the second half. The way in which the principle miscreant joins his obligation, makes Bother a piece of his group and the different turns of occasions are not that fascinating. The fundamental dramatization which is a feature of all RGV films is absent in this film. 
The peak is extended to no degree by exhibiting the clench hand battle between the saint and miscreant. The supporting cast is exceptionally powerless and don't make any profundity to the procedures. RGV's portrayal needs center as a fascinating content gets wayward and the effect is lost in the travel. 

Specialized Perspective: 
Despite the fact that the film is made on a little spending plan, the creation esteems are great. Gratefully, RGV has not played an excessive amount of with the camera edges as the cinematography looks flawless. The whole generation outline, Mumbai cop set up, and areas look reasonable. Altering is conventional as were the exchanges. 
Going to the executive RGV, he has completed a contemptible activity with the film. Presumably, you can state that RGV would have made this same story in an exceptionally grasping way ten years back. RGV, who for the most part gets his throwing spot on has blamed in Officer. The determination of the miscreant and his execution are the greatest downsides and don't make any effect. 

In general, Officer is a decent content turned out badly sort of a film. RGV's story thought is intriguing yet his portrayal isn't that energizing. Powerless scoundrel, not all that drawing in saint miscreant minutes and absence of show hamper the stream of the film. This isn't a catastrophe sort of a film from RGV yet the procedures are not that energizing as well. With the exception of Bother's true execution, this film has just the same old thing new to offer. Every one of the individuals who need to see Bother in a forceful symbol after quite a while can give this film a shot yet the rest can search for something different additionally encouraging.
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