Kaala Movie Review – Rajinikanth Kaala Movie Rating | #KaalaMovieReview | Rajinikanth | Dhanush |

Kaala Movie Review –  Rajinikanth Kaala Movie Rating | #KaalaMovieReview | Rajinikanth | Dhanush | 

Release date : June 07, 2018
Rating : Good Movie 3/5
Starring: Rajinikanth, Huma Qureshi, Nana Patekar
Director : Pa. Ranjith
Producers : Dhanush
Music Director : Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematographer : G. Murali Vardhan
Editors : Sreekar Prasad
Kaala is Rajinikanth’s much-awaited film within the recent times. once a touch of delay, the film has finally hit the screens these days. Let’s see whether or not the film lives up to its packaging or not.


Kaala(Rajinikanth) may be a demigod within the Dharavi slum of urban center. several company corporations keep making an attempt to evacuate the slum and build new age constructions therein space however Kaala and his cluster forever stop it from happening. however things get powerful for Kaala with the entry of Hari Das(Nana Patekar). a colossal tug of war kick starts between the made and poor and also the remainder of the story is on however Kaala comes out victorious in his mission and saves Dharavi and its folks from being the soft target of individuals like Hari Das.

Plus Points:

Rajinikanth is fierce as Kaala and plays his role consistent with his age. the standard Rajini swag is fully flow and no excess valor has been created as Rajini appearance and plays his age graciously. Rajini’s performance altogether his confrontation scenes with Nana Patekar is best. Whenever they confront one another, things look quite fascinating and attention-grabbing.

Nana Patekar gets a robust role because the Maharashtrian minister. he's alarming altogether his scenes and may be a excellent option to stand against the would possibly of Rajinikanth. Huma Qureshi gets a awfully attention-grabbing character and performs imposingly. The romance between her and Rajini has been showcased with heaps of sophistication and dignity.

Eshwari, World Health Organization plays Rajini’s better half within the film provides an incredible performance. Her role has been written quite well and works within the favor of the film. The last 5 minutes before the interval bang is extremely sensible as 2 of India’s greatest actors confront one another during a thrilling manner. The last half too gets serious and runs on {a decent|an honest|a sensible} note with good emotional scenes.

Minus Points:

One of the largest drawbacks of the film is that the film is painfully slow within the half. the primary forty minutes of the film is extremely slow and also the presence of significant Tamil flavor will go against the Telugu audience.

The story of the film is ages previous and has been tried in many Hindi films within the past. Serious issues, mass episodes, and slow narration will get to those that are available expecting amusement from Rajini. Lack of novel episodes sidetracks the film a touch. The moving-picture show runs on one thread and this may place you off a touch.

Technical Aspects:

The first issue that involves your mind after you watch the film is that the scale of the film. several would be shocked to grasp that the film has been shot during a specially erected Dharavi set in metropolis. Not once within the film, this appearance faux because the glorious camerawork makes things look realistic. Santosh Narayanan must be attributable for his thumping score that elevates the proceedings to a different level. Dialogues square measure sensible however the piece of writing was average because the film must be cut down heavily.

Coming to the director Pa Ranjith, he has created the film keeping Rajini’s political aspirations in mind. He shows him because the demigod of the lots World Health Organization forever helps the poor. although he managed to showcase Rajini during a sensible manner, his narration like altogether his films may be a bit slow and takes forever to select up. He has not showcased something new within the film and stuck to the drama half which can solely be liked by the sure choose audience.

On the entire, Kaala may be a serious revolutionary drama that works in components. Rajini and Nana Patekar lead from the front and create things attention-grabbing for the audience whenever they seem on screen. however the film may be a bit slow and takes its own time to enter the most plot. The film are going to be liked solely a part World Health Organization like mature and high dramas however the others got to move into well ready to what’s coming back in their manner. If you're okay with this, then Rajini can ensure that the film finishes up on a passable note.

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