Abhimanyudu Telugu Movie Review – Vishal, Arjun, Samantha,

Abhimanyudu Telugu Movie Review

  • Release date : June 01, 2018
  • GaddamGang: Good
  • Starring : Vishal, Arjun, Samantha
  • Director : P.S. Mithran
  • Producer : Vishal
  • Music Director : Yuvan Shankar Raja
  • Cinematographer : George C. Williams

Vishal’s Irumbu Thirai was a decent hit at the box workplace in Tamil. The Telugu version titled Abhimanyudu has hit the screens these days. Let’s see however it's.
Karunakar(Vishal) is a military major UN agency desires to urge his sister married into a chic menage. so as to try and do therefore, he forges documents and gets his loan approved. however to his shock, the complete loan quantity vanishes from his account during a flash. Upset with this, he starts investigation the case himself. To his shock, he finds out that a ill-famed cyber criminal(Arjun) is behind this and is pillage the complete nation in similar cases. remainder of the story is on however Karunakar finds the person behind all this and puts him behind bars.
Plus Points:
One of the largest and points of the film is that the innovative script. The approach today’s cyber crime has been set into a adventure story is kind of tight. Vishal is extremely sensible in his role and carries the film on his shoulders. he's superb along with his fights and is up acting wise with each film of his. Samantha appearance pretty in her role of a doctor and will what's required.

But the most important plus and surprise issue of the film is senior hero Arjun. The approach he has gone concerning his role is simply too sensible. Arjun is superb because the cyber crime don and brings heaps of depth to the proceedings. The approach his character has a position over Vishal in most of the scenes appearance sensible on screen.
All the confrontation scenes between Vishal and Arjun square measure absorbing and kind the mainstay of the last half. The last half is wherever the particular film kicks off and therefore the narration of however our social media and different on-line data square measure ill-used is showcased in a motivating manner.
Minus Points : 
The first half the film is slow because the film takes forever to require off. Some scenes of Vishal’s family background and therefore the reason that he takes up the loan square measure stretched an excessive amount of. This family track doesn't have a lot of emotions and drags the film right until the interval purpose.
Vishal’s role lacks clarity. Sometimes, he fights sort of a someone and handily uses his military background during a crunch and troublesome times. Also, the angle of his interest in subsidence down abroad appearance over the highest. The film has complete Tamil nativity within the half and therefore the comedy showcased through Vishal’s uncle isn't that diverting.
Technical Aspects:
Production values of the film square measure excellent because the technical aspects of however cyber crime happens is showcased during a} very clear manner so everybody will perceive. special effects is tight however the VFX work done to showcase the cyber crime is good. Telugu soundtrack is sweet then were the dialogues. redaction is simply concerning okay because the film might are even crispier throughout the primary

Coming to the director Mithran, he has done a good job with the film. His story plan is extremely sensible however his execution is baked. He takes forever to enter into the most story however once he will that, things become terribly attention-grabbing for the audience.
On the total, Abhimanyudu may be a new age adventure story that works well within the last half. The attention-grabbing narration and manner within which cyber crime is completed by high-fi criminals holds your attention fully. however so as to relish this, you wish to sit down through the lackadaisical half that is kind of slow. If {you square measure|you're} okay with this and are those UN agency love crime thrillers, you may find yourself feeling this film, except for others, Abhimanyudu winds up as simply associate okay watch this weekend.

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